A Blokk is a pre-designed garden suite that is modular and easily assembled. It’s a bit like if Ikea and Tesla merged to make dwellings. It’s intricately designed by award winning architect and interior designer, Noam Hazan, and is an affordable solution to getting more space for your home, whether it’s for a family member or an income property.


Order your BLOKK as a DIY kit or have us build it for you. Either way, it will arrive on your property with modular components and materials to get it built within a week.

easy assembly

Our modular box-like system makes it really easy to install. With comprehensive (ikea-like) instructions, you or your builder can get straight to work.


Everyone is different. We allow our customers to mix and match materials and colours to curate their perfect BLOKK.

Environmentally Friendly

Not only is our BLOKK built with environmentally friendly materials, our modular system allows for your BLOKK to be relatively easy to disassemble if you want to sell it or recycle it. Our beautiful plywood finished panels allows us to eliminate drywall, paint and taping from the project saving on materials and cost.

Our models

If you don't see a size or design that you want from our pre-designs, we can also customize it for you.

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