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What is a BLOKK?

A BLOKK is a pre-designed garden suite that is modular and easily assembled. It’s a bit like if Ikea and Tesla merged to make dwellings. It’s intricately designed by award winning architect and interior designer, Noam Hazan, and is an affordable solution to getting more space for your home, whether it’s for a family member or an income property.

What is a Garden Suite?

Garden suites are detached secondary dwellings located to the rear yard of a principal residence. They are intended to be a modest-scale, separate housing unit that integrates sensitively within existing neighbourhoods. Garden suites effectively extend the permissions for laneway suites to residential properties that do not benefit from frontage on a public laneway and fulfill provincial housing policy that requires improved housing flexibility for homeowners and families.

How can I get a BLOKK for free?

You can’t technically get it for free, but you don’t have to spend any of your own money upfront. How does it work? Through our financing partner, we can help you get approved for financing. As long as you rent it quickly, you will likely be able to rent it for higher than the interest payments on the loan. This means that can start generating cash flow without putting any (or little) money down.

Which BLOKK is the right fit for me?

Fill out this form and we can take a look at your site and recommend the best BLOKK for you.

Can I build it myself?
  • Just like Ikea, you or your builder will get a detailed set of instructions to build your BLOKK
  • The system is made of flat pack wooden panels which are produced using a computer controlled cutting machine (CNC) and are accurate to 1/16”
  • The material is CNC’d by local fabricators and arrives on site as a kit of parts for assembly
  • Using basic tools, the panels are assembled into ‘boxes’ which form the building blocks of the system
  • The boxes are stacked and bolted to form the walls, floor and roof structure
  • The open boxes are filled with insulation
  • The finished frame is left exposed if the structure is to be used inside, or fitted with a weather-proof membrane and cladding if outside
  • At the end of the building’s useful life, the boxes can be taken apart and moved, recycled or sold
Can you build it for me?

Yes, we offer a full turnkey solution to take your BLOKK from permits to construction.

Do I need permits?

For anything over 10 square metres, permits are required. All our structures are over 10 square meters and therefore require permits.

In 2022, The City of Toronto changed the by-laws to permit garden suite construction on most single-family sites.

Does it come with Plumbing and Electrical?

The building can be fitted with plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling in a similar way to any other structure. You can opt to connect to your homes services or if you don’t have existing services (like in cottage country) you can choose an off-grid set up with septic tank and solar panels.

What foundations do I need?

The system requires a level base to be put together correctly, but this can usually be provided in a cost effective way. People often ask us about which foundations they need for their building but it really depends on your site.

Here are some examples.  

We can provide information on the weight of your particular structure, which you can use when choosing a foundation type. Our engineer will determine what you require based on your specific site.

Our external pods can be supported on lightweight concrete blocks, support feet or adjustable modular foundations without the need for concrete rafts and permanent foundations. For internal systems we can put the pods on adjustable feet to suit level changes. Dependent on the floor material, castor wheels can also be fitted to allow the pods to be moved around.

What does it cost?

Our flat pack models start at $89,000. For turnkey solutions it can cost up to $250,000 depending on the model.

Is it insulated?

Yes, BLOKK's are compliant with the Ontario Building Code Standards for insulation, including heating and cooling.

Is it movable / demountable?

BLOKK is designed to be taken apart again so that you can take it with you. It can be broken down into easily manageable box shaped elements, which can be packed and easily shipped. We recommend professional building to disassemble it. Of course, if you add interior finishes such as tile or carpet, it makes it more difficult. If you lose your instructions we can always send you a new one.

Can I customize it?

Just like when you buy a car, you can add features. It’s the same with BLOKK whether its colour, materials, smart home capabilities... we offer a range of options when configuring your perfect BLOKK.

If you don’t see a size or design that you want from our pre-designs, we can also customise it for you.

What is the Lead time?

If we build it for you, we aim to have it built within 4 months from when you order, however these timelines are dependent on standard turn-around times from the City and can vary.

What do I need to get started?

All you need is a survey. Once we have that, we can start developing.  

Can I rent it out?

Building a secondary dwelling in the Greater Toronto Area is an excellent way to earn extra income that can cover your mortgage, with a surplus. It opens an opportunity to borrow money for construction, cover the costs with rent, increase your property value and earn extra money. Garden Suites are an opportunity to maximize density of single home residence neighborhoods, that benefits rent seekers as well as homeowners. Each garden suite building can be rented out for $2,000-$3,000 per month, a far better investment than purchasing a new condo unit.

What if we are having difficulty building it?

Watch our Youtube videos or schedule a call with us on our support line.